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PicturesToExe Deluxe 8.0.10 Multilingual Portable

DownloadPicturesToExe Deluxe 8.0.10 Multilingual Portable
Crte slideshow in PicturesToExe. It is a new version of the slideshow making software, fturing even more effects and offering even more capabilities than before. Music, captions, 3D effects and customizable complex animation can turn a bunch of pictures into an impressive slideshow. PicturesToExe is acknowledged by the world’s AV community as a program, which is able to produce sophistied slideshows of high quality, but at the same time undemanding and not at all expensive.

PicturesToExe Deluxe is able to crte a proper slideshow for any occasion: to tell friends and relatives about a wonderful trip or to present a new project to business partners. The program crtes an executable EXE file that does not require any additional program to run the presentation (even PicturesToExe itself is not necessary). The slideshow can be accompanied by sound or text comments to ch slide or by any music file from your collection. The timeline with a waveform facilitates the synchronization of the pictures to the background music. Pan/Zoom/Rotate including 3D transition effects can make the slideshow more dynamic and vivid. Moreover, a simple editor of mask presets has been added. It enables the user to crte simple masks right in the course of slideshow crting. By the way, if there is a need for demonstrating a slideshow on a Mac, PicturesToExe Deluxe offers the "Crte an executable slideshow for Mac” option. The program also ftures Builder for ing a disc with slideshows directly from PicturesToExe, HD files, for iPhone YouTube and Facebook.

Main ftures ;

Single Executable File of Slideshow for PC
• PicturesToExe produces a single executable file for PC and for Mac, which contains all s and music. A slideshow in EXE format can be played on any PC under XP, Vista, 2000.

Executable File for Mac
• Now there is a good chance for Mac users to watch slideshows in executable file for Mac. It is no difficulty to crte it right in PicturesToExe, under it will look like a usual folder and will work only on Mac.

• Builder in PicturesToExe Deluxe edition allows you to discs with your slideshows quickly and sily. You can adjust the menu and many other parameters of your disc.

YouTube and Facebook Output
• You can also publish and give opportunity to the other users of YouTube and Facebook to watch your slideshows on these web sites.

HD Output
• You have an opportunity to crte high quality HD file (H.264) for playback on PC and Mac.

Output for iPad and iPhone
• Watch slideshow in HD quality on your mobile device.

Pan/Zoom/Rotate Effects
• You can adjust Pan/Zoom/Rotate effects to the s of your slideshow to make it more vivid and splendid.

3D effects
• This version of PicturesToExe makes it sy to crte 3D effect of any s, text and any other objects right in Object and Animation editor.

Objects and Animation
• A powerful editor of objects on a slide with possibility to adjust complex animation with the help of various effects is also to your attention.

A Built-in Mask Editor
• A built-in mask editor makes it more sy to crte various masks for your objects of any form to achieve magnificent effects in your slideshow.

Text Labels and Buttons
• You can add buttons or text labels with drop shadow and glow to a slide.

Transition Effects
• It’s either possible to use various cinematographic transition effects between slides, including Flip 3D, Swap 3D and Curling of page 3D effects.

Synchronization to Music
• Show of slides can be exactly synchronized to music on the timeline with a waveform.

• Ability to crte a screen saver from your slideshow is also represented.

Sound Comments
• You may also add sound comments to every slide in your slideshow.

Slide Settings
• Every slide can be individually customized with its own time, effect and background.

® 8, 7, Vista, XP
Language : Multilingual

Whats New :
* Fixed problem with quality of s with adjusted canvas size. See details here
* Fixed problem with duration of last slide after applying of a slide style in the timeline view.

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