Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Help & Manual Professional 6.5.2 Build 3002 +

DownloadHelp & Manual Professional 6.5.2 Build 3002 +
Help And Manual makes producing help and documentation a plsure. All the tools you need are at your fingertips in a single intuitive environment, and the program handles all the complex, technical aspects of the process for you. Instd of wasting countless hours "programming" your help you can focus all your energy on actually writing your documentation, so that all your working time is productive time.

How Help & Manual works:
All the output formats supported by Help & Manual are erated from the same project. This mns you only have to edit your help and documentation once. Forget about the nightmare of "converting" your documentation every time you change anything.

erate all help formats
You can output your projects to all standard help formats (HTML Help, Winhelp and MS Help 2.0 / Visual Studio Help), and since Help & Manual is directly integrated with the compilers for these formats all your output is 100% standard-compliant.

Help & Manual also erates Browser-based Help, PDF and Word RTF. In addition to this you can erate fully-formatted printed manuals directly from the same projects used for all the other formats.

The Browser-based Help output for web use includes a full menu structure that emulates the apprance and functionality of HTML Help and includes full-text srch with highlighting for found words.

PDF output and printed manuals are fully customizable with the bundled Print Manual Designer program: You can include a table of contents and a word index, automatic page referrers for links and cross-references, customized page layouts, hders, footers, page ing, covers, introductions and more.

All languages of this world
This world is a big place and localization becomes ever more important. Help & Manual lets you crte documentation in up to 106 languages. It is one of the few help authoring tools that fully support Uni and can handle languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korn and many others.

Help & Manual 6 Professional offers dedied support for translation via XML import and export.

sy migration
One of the most critical tasks is to migrate existing documentation when you switch to another tool. And this has never been sier than now. Help & Manual imports regular HTML and text files, compiled HTML Help, Word files (RTF format), Winhelp source files and even decompiles HLP files.

To help new users migrate existing help projects, Help & Manual includes a dedied import tool for RoboHelp® X5 projects.

Improvements and fixes in version 6.5.2 (November 13, 2014):
- Ultra-high resolution (“4K”) monitors: the display on 4K monitors has been improved, UI elements incrse their size proportionally. Help & Manual can now take advantage of DPI virtualization (new option in the program options dialog).
- Copy & paste: improved import of HTML clipboard content (in particular Firefox).
- Link dialog, UI improvement: the dialog remembers the last selection for file links.
- Replace styles dialog on systems with ultra-high resolution displays: panels could not be expanded, mouse wheel is now supported in dialog.
- ing bug with multi-level lists fixed.
- Synchronize dialog: path to language sibling was not saved relative to the current project.
- Srch function in topic editor: srch works across multiple items.
- PDF export: minor font embedding issues fixed.
- Bug fix for crash in custom highlighter, when the underscore character (_) was not included in identifier list.
- Bug fix for HTML export: when an was centered with a left/right padding, but no caption, the padding was not set properly in HTML.
- Rare OLE crash fixed, when crting an OLE object from file.

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