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DVBViewer Pro 5.3.2 Multilingual + Pre Activated

DownloadDVBViewer Pro 5.3.2 Multilingual + Pre Activated
DVBViewer allows you to experience Digital on your PC. With a proper DVB card you can enter the world of digital entertainment and experience high quality, incredibly sharp pictures and nr quality radio! It provides all basic functions you need to enjoy digital television and radio programs. In addition, DVBViewer offers you a wide range of advanced ftures such as Teletext, Electronic Programming Guide, Remote Control support and enhanced recording capabilities which enable you to record your favourite shows on hard-disc, edit them or share them with your friends.

DVBViewer contains functions which are groundbrking : It was the first program with a so called Desktop mode and in its egory the only product which offers AC-3 and Timeshifting ftures. It is even possible to handle more than one DVB device at the same time. Further on the multimedia skills of the DVBViewer do not need to hide behind other mediacenters. From playing multimedia contents up to receiving RSS newsfeeds, wther data, everything is possible.

Ftures ;

Assistance from the program's community in case of problems
Absolutely free scalable window size
Borderless fullscreen
Possibility to hide any visible user interface
Always on top functionality
Changble Hot for nrly every function
WinLIRC support
Changble aspect ratio
Extended information in the statusbar
Power saving after closing the DVBViewer
Acceleration of Jaws for visually impaired users
Extended functionality with plugin usage
Individual COM-Interface functions for Java- or Visualbasic Script usage
Plugin API to crte your own plugins
TCP and UDP-Multicast Network Strming
Flexible Architecture
And some other useful functions

Whats New ;

Add: Playback: While the seek bar slider in the control bar is dragged with the mouse DVBViewer continuously shows the picture at the current position (only if a custom renderer or overlay is used, not on playback).
Add: Playback: "Show pictures while the seek bar slider is dragged" twk (see Twker.exe, default on). Switching it off lets DVBViewer fall back to the seek bar handling of previous versions.
Change: Playback: In case of playback without DVBViewer Filter (e.g. MKV or AVI) the "Fast Forward / Rewind" actions do not change the playback speed anymore (limited to a 0.25...2.00 range in forward direction), but perform fast consecutive forward and backward jumps, thus achieving a speed up to 32x in both direction. The playback speed can still be influenced via Menu -> Playback -> Play Rate or by assigning to the Speed Up / Down actions.
Add: Playback: Fast Forward / Rewind is now also available by right-clicking the > buttons in the control bar. Plse note that the "Replace dynamic jumps by fast forward/rewind" twk (see Twker.exe), that erally exchanges the assignment of the Fast Forward / Rewind and Jump Plus / Minus actions to UI elements, also applies to left/right-clicking the control bar buttons.
Fix: Playback: Several seeking / position change issues, e.g. black screen on ch position change with DVBViewer Filter and (non-custom) EVR renderer.
Fix: Playback: Audio playback with the DVBViewer Filter could not be re-started after seeking / jumping in pause mode (timeshift also affected).
Add: Playback: .m4a and .ape added to the default audio file extensions.
Fix: Playback. After rching the beginning of a title with fast rewind DVBViewer didn't notice that the navigator automatically switched to normal forward playback, which caused some confusion in the OSD and playback handling.
Fix: Playback: Wrong handling of the "Options -> -> Action playback end -> None" setting, causing failure of subsequent play / pause actions.
Fix: Custom EVR: Msures against potential freezing and some audio/ sync problems (particularly when using the LAV Der).
Change: DirectX Options: "VSync by Aero" option removed. It didn't prove to be useful.
Add: DirectX Options: "Render late pictures" checkbox for EVR Custom Renderer (default off). It specifies whether the renderer shall drop all pictures arriving too late (after their presentation time). Ticking this checkbox enables watching that is ded too slow due to high CPU load (e.g. HEVC UHD), but may let audio / become asynchronous under certain circumstances.
Fix: D3D Engine: Delayed OSD and ar repaint, unnecessary CPU/GPU load when no was playing or no OSD was displayed.
Fix: Main Window: Custom Renderer crash if the display ar was resized to zero. Now there is a minimum size of 160 x 90 pixel.
Fix: Main Window: Hvy flickering when the main window was resized ( 7 with Aero and 8 not affected).
Change: Main Window: Tool button icons in the control bar enlarged for better perceptibility.
Add: Main Window: Twk "Allow Main Window Aero Snap" (see Twker.exe). Allows the Aero Snap function to enlarge the DVBViewer main window when the mouse cursor touches the left, upper or right screen border while dragging the window title bar
Plse note: Though several issues concerning the main window behavior in “Aero Snapped” state were fixed, malfunctioning in certain situations may still occur.
Fix: DVBViewer : Several window handling related issues, particularly concerning the "Always on Top" main window setting, full screen on/off changes, dialog appring behind other (making DVBViewer almost inoperable), content remaining visible in other after full screen off ( 7 without Aero) etc.
Add: Main Window: "Bring open to the foreground" twk (see Twker.exe). Decides if open DVBViewer are brought to the foreground on full screen on/off: 0=never, 1=on full screen off, 2=on full screen on, 3=always. The default is 3.
Fix: Picture in Picture: Closing PiP after using the swap function (swapping of the PiP and main channel by double-clicking the PiP ar) in combination with certain plug-ins caused DVBViewer to crash.
Change: Subtitles: The Options -> EPG -> Subtitles -> Font selection now also takes effect on ATSC and ISDB subtitles (font name only, no other attributes).
Change: Strming: Strming framework for VOD Source Filter reworked, VOD Source Filter updated to version 2.2.1.
Add: Hbb: "Use browser cache for Hbb" twk (see Twker.exe), switched on by default. Switching it off may be necessery to make ZDF Hbb work.
Fix: Hbb: Hbb prevented the update of UI elements (e.g. enabled/disabled state), thus causing wrong display or functions to be unavailable.
Fix: Hbb: An unnecessary stop command issued by broadcasters before delivering an MP4 strm could cause an unintended "stop timeshift?" warning despite live playback position.
Change: EPG: Optimization of EPG data import / export and epg.dat rding / writing. The old 1.8 format (used till DVBViewer 5.1) is not fully supported anymore, but can still be rd (without some details like PDC, though). The DVBViewer GE epg.dat can now be rd, but without ANSI -> UTF-8 conversion.
Fix: Data Base: A corrupted Database.db3 in the Configuration Folder\Database subdirectory could permanently disable all playback with the DVBViewer Filter (including /Radio). Now .db3 files that are recognized as corrupted are automatically renamed to .err, and a new (empty) .db3 file is crted.
Fix: Playlist: The EndLess Playback option didn't work if the list contained only one item.
Fix: Playlist: Saving the playlist via COM interface didn't work.
Fix: Recorder: A prebooked program resp. "tune channel" timer didn't start in playback off state due to repted access violations.
Fix: Recorder: Recording AC3 Audio originating from a Hauppauge HD PVR didn't work.
Add: Recorder: DVBViewer now sends additional timer data (Event ID, PDC, ld and follow-up time) to the Recording Service if an EPG entry is scheduled for recording, so that the PDC (Programme Delivery Control) options can be set in the RS Web Interface for these timers.
Change: Options Window: The window is now "non-modal", which mns, the rest of DVBViewer remains accessible while it is open.
Change: Options Window: DVBViewer does not urge users anymore to download and install the DirectX 9 runtime library when a custom renderer is selected. The dialogue prompting for installation only apprs after a shader is selected in the Settings -> Shader sub-menu, because this is the only purpose the runtime library is needed for.
Add: API: Possibility to send command line parameters via the Recording Service to DVBViewer Pro, thus enabling remote control of DVBViewer clients.
Fix: RTSP/IP Device: Long channel switching delays caused by wrong RTP sequence counter handling of some SAT>IP servers.
Fix: RTSP Device: Wrongly set thrd priority ("lower than normal" instd of "highest") and potential buffer overflow.
Fix: RTSP Device: The multicast TTL, intended to be 5, was wrongly set to 1, affecting the visibility of srch requests across sub-net boundaries.
Add: RTSP Device: Automatic detection of a changed server port (usually 554). Requires the "Automatic RTSP server IPort detection” twk to be switched on (switched on by default, see Twker.exe).
Add: Hardware: Automatic detection of correct Pilot Symbols setting if DVB-S2 channels are received with Devolo dLan Sat network tuners.
Add: Hardware: Support for Hauppauge Colossus devices (similar to Hauppauge HD PVR).
Fix: Hardware: Glitches in strms provided via hardware enr based devices like Hauppauge PVR.
Fix: Hardware: Under certain timing conditions tuning of an alrdy tuned transponder (e. g. due to channel switching or another recording starting) could cause discontinuities in ongoing recordings of this transponder, if "Options -> Hardware -> Retune on missing strm..." was activated resp. set to a value grter than 0.
Updated: Hardware Database.

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