Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Womble MPEG Wizard +

DownloadWomble MPEG Wizard +
The new version is probably the best program of its kind, Womble MPEG Wizard is designed for editing MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, WMV, VOB ... With this program you can glue together the fragments with different bit rate. It does not re the unchanged portions of the file, ie If the file is subject only cutting / gluing, compression is not happening. You can add various effects to your 2D/3D, sharpness, contrast, color, etc. The program is implemented multi-track control of time, Title Editor, crtion and much, much more.

The software a nice interface, with an intuitive layout. Both the input and output s can be viewed in a side-by-side window. The UI also includes the editing ar that incorporates fields where you can add s, photos, music files and voice recordings.The software allows you to add as many s, s or tracks as you want. You can insert any of the transition effects available, such as dissolve, fade, center split, lens, gauze or blend. Also, for audio files, you can add cross fade and mix effects.

Other filters can be applied over the s and s. Thus, you can adjust the contrast and brightness, change the color balance and the dynamic brightness, fade, flip, invert, solarize or sharpen your files.The volume of the s can be muted completely. In this case, if you’ve added a music file, you should be able to listen to that one instd.

Further settings can be made when saving the file. You can define an output loion and a file format and choose to convert only a certain part of the file, instd of the entire . The MPEG enr, resolution, frame rate and bit rate can also be selected. Audio settings can also be made.MPEG Wizard supports batch conversion, which mns you can process multiple projects simultaneously and apply the same settings to all of them. You can also crte professional looking s that can hold both NTSC and PAL without re-encoding.

All in all, MPEG Wizard is a complex program that can complete numerous tasks. In spite of the intuitive interface, the software wasn’t crted for inexperienced users, as it can prove quite difficult to handle.

Ftures MPEG Wizard ;

• Editing with frame accuracy: The ability to move forward or backward on the with frame accuracy, to accurately loe the scene you want to cut or lve.
• Fast erasure : View the entire with the speed with which your mouse can move the slider, which allows quickly to find and cut out or lve the scene of interest in the .
• Rapid movement of the : Quick frame advance of the by using the mouse or board, allows accurate aiming to find footage to be edited.
• Lack of transcoding when copying MPEG capture devices . Now it is possible to use these devices to crte s for their further ing to . In this case, you no longer need to wait several hours until the will be end again, because can be rewritten directly from disc to disc with the usual for copy speed.
• Full support for compression formats AC-3 audio and authoring with the ability to crte a simple menu.
• Convert MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 for further transfer files to mobile devices such as iPod, PSP, cell , etc.
• Intuitive and sy-to-use user interface with flexible and powerful multitrack editing tools - timeline (Timeline).
• Flexible to use the Title Editor allowing to crte sufficiently attractive titles and graphics directly into the MVW.
• An extensive library of transition effects with simple settings. In this case, the transitions can be added by simply dragging the mouse.
• Lots of editors with the possibility of flexible configuration and packaging.

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