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Iperius Backup Full 4.0.0 +

DownloadIperius Backup Full 4.0.0 +
Iperius Backup - The complete and powerful software for workstation and server backup. Disaster recovery ( with hardware independent restore), backup to NAS, remote backup to Cloud and FTP, backup of websites, backup of open files (Volume Shadow Copy), tape backup, database backup, all functions included, lifetime upgrades even for new ftures.

Iperius is a flexible and fture-rich backup software for Server: , database backup, backup to Tape and NAS, Cloud and FTP. Iperius Backup is a reliable backup program, also compatible with 8 and Server 2012, with an incredible of ftures: backup to NAS and USB drives, compression, AES encryption, backup to Cloud ( Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox ), FTP backup (upload and download), backup of websites, backup to LTO, installation as service, notifiions by e-mail, open file backup (Volume Shadow Copy), synchronization, Web Console. Iperius Backup can also make s (Disaster Recovery wit hardware independent restore) and the backup of all the most famous databases: MySQL, SQL Server, MariaDB, , PostgreSQL. Iperius Backup is a lightweight software (and portable), consumes very few resources and is very stable in all situations. Is one of the cest backup software for Server.


Drive backup (disaster recovery)
Backup to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox
Remote backup FTP/SFTP
Backup to any Tape (LTO, DAT, etc.)
Backup of any database
Compression and AES encryption
Scheduling of automatic backups
Installation as service
Backup of VMware ESXi virtual machines
Upload and Download of websites
Flexible backup retention policies
Incremental backup and synchronization
Open file backup (VSS)
Backup to NAS, USB drives, RDX, etc.

What's New:
v4.0.0 - 2014.11.26:

New ftures:

Backup to Azure Storage
Now a new special variable allows to univocally identify a drive even if the drive letter changes
Backup to Dropbox: now you can make it to a subfolder

Fixed bugs:

Some minor bugs fixed

Relsed Date: 2014.11.26
OS: XP/2003/7/2008/8/2012
Language: Multilingual

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