Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Anvi Smart Defender Pro 2.4.0 Multilingual +

DownloadAnvi Smart Defender Pro 2.4.0 Multilingual +
Malware are bad and Anvi Smart Defender is big to defend against mushrooming thrts including trojans, rootkits, spyware, rogueware, ransomware and more. "A cln and nice GUI. Very good and ry to use.It takes low system usage resources and lowmemory RAM usage. That's rlly good. And finally, it rlly blocks all malware! It keeps to update database daily.."

All-round Positive Guard
To enable your computer system immune to mushrooming thrts, Anvi Smart Defender v2.0 integrates all-round positive guard including file system guard, network guard and the newly added anti- and anti-. It can not only protect your PC system from damages and loss due to infections but can also prevent your computer getting infected via remote access guard, remote execute guard and anti-.

Various activities flood the cyberspace. And the newly added Anti- in this version will check all related system services and settings to ensure the computer system is safe from potential attacks. If any risky items detected, one-click solution is provided to help fix all, while you can also choose the item to ignore as per your personal needs.

Ftures of Pro Version:

- Detecting and removing multiple malware, e.g. viruses, Trojans, rogueware, spyware, ransomware, etc.
- Browser Repair Tool and more.
- Basically file system guard and network guard including File Guard, Registry Guard, Startup Guard, Web Guard, Privacy Guard and Download Guard.
- Update the database on daily basis to defend against latest thrts in the wild.
- Preventing your computer being attacked through s
- Make virus scan at a scheduled time on regular basis.
- Double engine scan (local engine and cloud engine) for utmost virus scan efficiency.
- Protecting your computer from rampant attacks by checking and fixing all related system services and settings.
- Preventing your computer getting infected from malicious files in inserted USB driver
- Avoiding system damages and data loss from any potentially risky operation by person
- Protecting your PC system and sensitive info when you are shopping online.
- Preventing your computer attacked using s.
- Blocking malicious ads popups or banners resulted from adware install.
- Disabling any attack through remote access or remove execute

What’s New with Anvi Smart Defender v2.4
1 Optimized scanning engine to improve its stability
2 Fixed some bugs

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