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RayFire 1.64 for 3ds Max 2014 WIN64

DownloadRayFire 1.64 for 3ds Max 2014 WIN64
Fragment, destroy, demolish, wreck, brk down, wrk havoc, blow up, burst, detonate,
explode and do other similar things you have always drmed of to do in Max...

Fture list:

NVidia PhysX Rigid Body support via RayFire user interface.NVidia PhysX Force Influence Allows You to affect on objects in simulation by forces, space warps and mouse cursor. Glue allows you to glue objects together and brk connections between objects during simulation. Several types of simulated objects: Dynamic, Static, Kinematik,Sleeping and Dd.Entropy Bullet Rigid Body support via RayFire user interface. (Beta)Interactive Demolition System. Crtes dynamic simulation and demolishes objects accordingly to their material and collision strength. ch fragment can be demolished further with proper amount of collision strength.Voronoi modifier. Interactive rltime Voronoi shatter modifier.Cache object. Allows to cache geometry and animation is single file to store it outside of scene.Trace object. tracing to fragments.Fragmenter modifier. Interactive rltime Voronoi shatter modifier.Clusters modifier. Groups simple fragments into more complex clusters.Bomb helper. Allows You to crte all kinds of explosions.Fragmentation types. Irregular, Uniform, Voronoi, Wood splinters, Radial, Bricks fragmentation types. Ability to draw cuts over your objects by mouse.Asperity modifier Adds detalization to simple geometry and makes them much more rlistic. modifier. Animated 3D inside refractive object.Voxels modifier. Crtes voxels using geometry volume.Fragmentation by Shapes. Allows to use Shapes as stensil to fragment objects.Automatic update system.

User Interface:

more info:

SitniSati FumeFX v3.5.2 Maya 2014 Win64

DownloadSitniSati FumeFX v3.5.2 Maya 2014 Win64
Welcome to the FumeFX for Maya - a groundbrking solution designed for rlistic and brthtaking fire, smoke and explosion effects.This unique plug-in is a powerful gaseous fluid dynamics simulator crted by Sitni Sati for smless integration with Media & Entertainment’s Maya™ modeling and animation software. Designed for use by visual effects artists, game developers, and visualization professionals who demand the utmost in rlism, FumeFX is unrivalled in its ability to capture the nuance and complexity of fluid gas behavior.

FumeFX for 3ds max has been alrdy production proven in fture titles such as Oblivion, Hugo, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengnce,Thor, Red Tails, Priest, 2012, Skyline, Suckerpunch, Spiderman 3, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Superman Returns, Iron Man, The Host (Gwoemul) and various games cinematics such as Warhammer Online, Classic Transformers and Dante's Inferno while FumeFX for Maya has been used on The Avengers, Oz the Grt and Powerful and Thor.


- Production proven results demonstrate this technology's ability to achieve rlistic smoke and fire effects for cutting-edge industry appliions.
- FumeFX supplements the user's artistic vision with the power of rl-world physics for the ultimate in both style and rlism.
- GPU accelerated Preview with self-shadows, multiple stering and geometry.
- A multitude of parameters and FumeFX helpers give users maximum control of the fluid's behavior and apprance.
- sy to use, basic effects can be crted with just a few clicks.
- Dynamic simulations allow for bi-directional influence between FumeFX and particle systems.
- FumeFX is capable of dynamic interaction with other scene objects.


- Simulation of nested grids in one go (N-Sim).
- Powerfull Effectors that can control almost every parameter on a per-voxel basis.
- Appliion of various Deformers on caches.
- FumeFX can use Variable Density solver that uses smoke density and temperature as variables.
- Start simulations from scratch or by using other simulation results as a starting point.
- Stop, pause and continue simulations at any point.
- Simulation is multithrded - users can select how many CPU's to dedie to their simulation.
- Users can watch the simulation progress in the interactive GPU accelerated Preview Window.
- Interactive simulation allows user to change almost every parameter during the simulation and see it's influence on the simulation result.
- Draft simulations can be crted in mere minutes for fast previewing.
- Multiple advection schemes that can minimize numerical dissipation.
- User has control of which data is written to output files for rendering and further processing.
- Wavelet Turbulence aorithm quickly adds extra detail to low resolution simulation caches while preserving the existing overall motion.
- Retimer is a very efficient and fast method to slow down or speed up caches without the need to re-run simulation.
- Post Processing module can significantly reduce cache size by optimizing grid size around smoke/fire. It also allows users to decide which channels will be excluded from the final caches.


- mental ray renderer support - available for both and Linux.
- The GPU accelerated Preview Window gives users almost instant feedback on render settings.
- Fast self-shadowing is produced through an Illumination Map which is integrated inside of the FumeFX object.
- A highly efficient Multiple Stering model enhances light dispersion throughout fluid .
- Fluid Mapping integrates procedural map details with fluid motion.

Mediar Premium v0.8.32.5660 CE Multilangual Portable

DownloadMediar Premium v0.8.32.5660 CE Multilangual Portable
Mediar Premium is a cost-effective solution for batch media transcoding. Mediar Premium has all available ftures and the limited ftures of Mediar. It is the best choice for for business which involes large volume transcoding or requires high quality encoding with automated processing.

Mediar is a universal media transcoding software actively developed and maintained since 2005. It puts together most cutting-edge audio/ technologies into an out-of-box transcoding solution with a rich set of adjustable parameters which let you take full control of your transcoding. New ftures and latest cs are added or updated in weekly basis, which you get all for free! Mediar might not be the siest, but what matters here is quality and performance, and it will be your swiss army knife for media transcoding once you grasp it.

Ftures In Brief
- Converting between most popular audio and formats
- Ripping BD//V/ and capturing from cameras
- Enhancing audio and contents by various filters
- An extremely rich set of transcoding parameters for adjusting and tuning
- Multi-thrded design and parallel filtering unlshing multi-core power
- Segmental Encoding technology for improved encoding parallelization
- H.264 encoding GPU acceleration ( QuickSync, nVidia CUDA, OpenCL)

Supported Fomats
Lossy Audio Compression Formats
, Vorbis, LC-AAC, HE-AAC, Opus, AC-3, MPEG Audio, MusePack, Speex, AMR, Media Audio, ADPCM, PRO

Lossless Audio Compression Formats
FLAC, WavPack, Mon's Audio, OptimFrog, ALAC, TTA, PCM

Compression Formats
H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP8/VP9, MPEG 1/2/4, Flash , XviD, DivX, Theora, Dirac, H.263, Rl, Media , Huffyuv, MJPEG

Container Formats
MP4, WebM, F4V, FLV, Matroska, AVI, MPEG-PS, MPEG-TS, ASF, MTS/M2TS/AVCHD, Quicktime/MOV, PMP, RlMedia, OGM

Storage Media and Strming (Input)
Bluray, , V, SV, , CUESheet, HTTP, FTP, RTSP, UDP

System Requirements
XP, Server 2003/2008/2012, Vista, 7, 8
4GB or more system memory
Quad-core processor (or better) recommended
Processor Graphics or nVidia CUDA supported display adapter required by GPU Edition

WorldWide Telescope 5.1.09 Portable

Download WorldWide Telescope 5.1.09 Portable
WorldWide Telescope is an appliion designed for exploring the universe, including planets and constellations. It can be used by users of all ages.

The interface is modern and attractive, and includes an intuitive navigational system. You can move around using the mouse cursor, zoom in and out, rotate and tilt the view. Xbox 360 controllers are supported as well.

It is possible to filter the shown layers, such as planets, constellations, grids, field of view indiors, asteroids, the Milky Way, lighting and shadows, fade to black effect, and screen broadcast.

From the bottom part of the screen you can click an element to jump to it in the view mode. WorldWide Telescope supplies users with several collections to choose from.

Plus, you can click the mouse right button to display the finder scope and details on coordinates, magnitude, distance, planet rise and set time, among others.

Additionally, you can use a srch function, adjust telescope control settings, disable smooth panning, enable full web browser, use proxies, as well as crte a new figure library of constellation lines.

Unfortunately, the appliion has a lower-than-average response time and uses high memory. We have noticed it slowed down the runtime of other appliions in our tests. Nevertheless, WorldWide Telescope offers a fun and interactive way to explore the universe.

ProgDVB Professional Edition 7.07.4 Multilingual + Resetter

DownloadProgDVB Professional Edition 7.07.4 Multilingual + Resetter
ProgDVB - the universal and very power software for watching digital and listening to radio channels! ProgDVB allows you to watch SAT-Television and listen to Radio channels directly from satellite by using DVB-PCI cards with hardware ders on the board, SAT-dish, and personal computers with installed. It has options for working with network broadcasting and Audio/ recording of the strm to different digital-media formats.

Support for various types of data sources:
Digital tuners. DVB-S (satellite), DVB-S2, DVB-C (cable), DVB-T, DVB-T2, ATSC, ISDB-T.
Internet and Radio. About 8000 channels in the base + possible open links to strms or to web page with strms.
OTT. Kartina , Rodina . Include VOD, archive, EPG and other specific functions.
YouTube. Srching, playback (not all formats) and download of clips.
Playback from of files also possible.

Main functions:
High Definition support including H.264/AVC
Picture-in-picture support as well as independent simultaneous recording/playback of several channels from one or more devices
Mosaic fast channels preview
Support for the majority of DVB, ISDB-T and ATSC devices including DiSEqC and CAM interfaces support
Support for all digital audio formats: MPEG, AC3, AAC,...
Time shifting functionality using the RAM or buffer of unlimited size
10 Bands equalizer
and Radio channels recording
Playback from based files
Electronic program guide (EPG) from Digital or Xml,J.
Subtile(Teletext, -based and closed captions)
Support for VR, VMR7,VMR9 and EVR renderers including OSD (except VR) independently from channel type or signal presence
Network broadcasting
Skins for OSD and GUI
Both Win32 and full-fledged Win64 versions are available
Interface Language Localizations

Currently works with DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T and DVB-C cards of the following manufactures:
Anysee (E30S Plus,...)
AverMedia DVB-S
Azurewave (TwinHan) (VP-1027, VP-1034, VP-1041,... ).
BroadLogic 2030/1030
Compro Mate DVB-S
Digital everywhere FireD/FloppyD
DVBWorld USB2.0 DVB-S/DVBWorldD(PCI-Sat), Acorp 878DS/DS110/DS120, Nextorm NBS240/NSC120
iaTech products(Digistar DVB-S PCI, satbox, Star, Digistar2, Digiwave 103G,...)
Kworld DVB-S 100 compatible (Vstrm, Dynavision..... )
LifeView FlyDVB
Netcast DVB
NEWMI Advanced DVB
Telemann Skymedia 300 DVB (not official)
St@r usb box
Cards with BDA driver (possible issues with some cards)
Also works without a card, for example, as a player or as a broadcast client

Whats New :
Some fixes of network channels, PLP, SkinEditor,..

Pavtube HD Converter Multilingual + Pre Activated

DownloadPavtube HD Converter Multilingual + Pre Activated
Equipped with advanced HD enr and der technology, Pavtube HD Converter can convert almost all popular HD formats, like TS, MTS, M2TS, MKV, MOV, MOD, HD MPEG, HD AVI, HD WMV, HD MP4, and more 1080P and 720P HD s. Besides, it makes standard and audio files including AVI, WMV, MP4, DivX, FLV, MOV… playable on portable devices (new iPad 3, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5, Galaxy Tab 3, Galaxy S4, Google 7, One Series, , etc) and HD media players ( 3, , Xbox HD, WD Live Hub, Dune HD, and more).

In addition, with this appliion you can sily adjust size, get any segment of the source s, remove black bars at the top and bottom of clips, merge several titles into one big file, set effects, add watermark, and enclose external .srt subtitles into original footage. Plus, with the advantage of NVIDIA® CUDA™ and ATI Strm (AMD APP) technology and multi-core CPUs supporting technology, the converting speed is 6X faster than before when converting files to another format by using H.264 c.

Main Ftures ;

- Rd HD digital camcorder footages such as AVCHD (mts, m2ts), MXF, MOV…
- Convert TiVo and other DVR recordings to MP4, DivX, MKV, AVI, MPEG, WMV and more
- Strm media contents from your PC to Android, and iOS devices
- Support NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Strm (AMD APP) acceleration technologies
- Trans HD/SD files for editing tools including Vegas, Premiere Pro, Maker, Pinnacle Studio

Optimized audio and sync technology
The program adopted optimized audio and sync technology, so as to output with better quality and never let you be troubled by the audio and sync issues.

Up to 6X faster conversion speed
Pavtube HD Converter takes full advantage of NVIDIA's CUDA technology and ATI Strm (AMD APP) technology to largely accelerate conversion speed. The GPU acceleration saves users lots of time when using H.264 c to do format conversion. NOTE: To use GPU computing fture, a CUDA-compatible NVIDIA graphics card or an AMD graphics card with AMD APP technology must be installed. The CUDA and AMD APP acceleration both work only when crting H.264 end files.

Bundled Strming Server app
This program comes with a bundled Strming Server app. The Strming Server is a Strming Server product that can strm any audio and files from your PC to Android, and iOS devices, letting you play local to Android tablets, smart, slabs, etc over wireless network. You can now sily access the in shared folder at home anywhere! The biggest advantage of Strming Server is that it does not take up storage on your tablet and smart. Working together with Pavtube converters, the app enables you to watch any on DLNA compatible HD, HD media player, Android devices, iPad, Surface tab and smart! Download Pavtube Strming Server

Trim and crop
Trim function allows you to get a specific length of accurately; while crop can help you cut off the black edges and unwanted ar sily, so that you can enjoy a wider screen on your portable devices like iPod, iPhone.

Split selected file
Using the Split function, you can split the selected file into required clips by specifying the clip quantity, duration time and file size.

Merge multiple s and replace original audio
Check the option "Merge into one file", you can join multiple s into one bigger file for conversion. Mnwhile, if you like, you can also replace the original audio with other music or sounds you want.

Add text, , and watermark
Its watermark function allows you to add different watermark types, including text, (including GIF), and watermark. Its watermark function will add a picture-in-picture effect on your .

Capture thumbnails
The program provides you the snapshot function, which allows you to capture the thumbnails as your wallpapers or editing elements for future use.

Customize profile list and format
The upgraded Profile Manager allows you to arrange the profile list as you like. Hide the unwanted formats profile list and save customized format to Custom group for se of use.

XP/2003/Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1
- DirectX Version: 9.0 or above
- Memory: 64MB at lst
- Processor: 500MHz or 500MHz AMD CPU
- Hard Disc Space: 512MB or above

What's new ;

1. Add profiles for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4
2. fix some bugs

Sandboxie 4.14 (x86-x64) Final +

DownloadSandboxie 4.14 (x86-x64) Final +
Sandboxie is a proprietary sandbox based isolation program for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. It crtes a sandbox-like isolated operating environment in which appliions can be run or installed without permanently modifying the local or mapped drive. An isolated virtual environment allows controlled testing of untrusted programs and web surfing.

Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer. When you run a program on your computer, data flows from the hard to the program via rd operations. The data is then processed and displayed, and finally flows back from the progam to the hard via write operations.

Sandboxie changes the rules such that write operations do not make it back to your hard .

• Intercept changes to both your files and registry settings, making it virtually impossible for any software to rch outside the sandbox.
• Traps cached browser items into the sandbox as a by-product of normal operation, so when you throw away the sandbox, all the history records and other side-effects of your browsing disappr as well.

Benefits of the Isolated Sandbox:
• Secure Web Browsing: Running your Web browser under the protection of Sandboxie mns that all malicious software downloaded by the browser is trapped in the sandbox and can be discarded trivially.
• Enhanced Privacy: Browsing history, cookies, and cached temporary files collected while Web browsing stay in the sandbox and don’t into .
• Secure E-mail: Viruses and other malicious software that might be hiding in your email can’t brk out of the sandbox and can’t infect your rl system.
• Stays Ln: Prevent wr-and-tr in by installing software into an isolated sandbox.

Translations ;

The following languages can be selected during installation: English, Albanian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korn, Polish, Portuguese (Brasil), Russian and Turkish.

XP – 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit)

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