Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Digicel FlipBook ProHD 6.94 Portable

DownloadDigicel FlipBook ProHD 6.94 Portable
DigiCel FlipBook lets you draw right on the computer with your mouse or tablet. Or you can draw on paper, like the pros, and shoot your rough drawings under a camera for speed and then scan your clned-up drawings for quality. FlipBook will keep track of all your drawings in its traditional exposure sheet with thumbnail s and play them back instantly with sound. FlipBook also provides specially designed tools to help you paint your drawings quickly and sily without having to lrn or go through a lot of difficult steps. You can add pans, zooms, rotation, blurs and dissolves and then export that you can play on or post on the internet.

Plse follow the links below to see how FlipBook can help you every step of the way, whether you're doing a fture , a series, or short or just fun.

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