Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Desktop Srch Portable

DownloadDesktop Srch Portable
Copernic Desktop Srch Corporate allows your employees to instantaneously find files, emails, attachments and many other content types stored anywhere on their computers and on the enterprise network.

Designed with Your Needs in Mind!

Privacy and security.
S is built to ensure that our clients' information is secured and kept private. User-identifiable information is never sent back to Copernic or any third party.
Save time.
Computer users can spend 20% of their work time downloading and filing information. You can now stop and start using S.
Organization-wide deployment.
Every corporate user will have the same settings and configurations, which makes it very sy to manage. Use GPO policies to sily deploy, configure and maintain S across your entire organization
With low memory foot print, the lowest usage of computer resources and low network load, S is optimized to offer the best srch experience.
Online Corporate Support.
Copernic Support is recognized by customers for its efficiency, timely response and accuracy. A dedied and flexible tm is there to answer any of your questions.

Version 4.2.0

Changes & Improvements ;

Improved PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint file extractors
Fixed text superposition issue for PDF documents
Fixed indexation issue for PDF and Word documents
Fixed indexation issue for special characters for PDF documents
Fixed stack overflow issue for ODS, Word and PowerPoint documents
Added "Browser" refine criteria for History and Favorites egories
Improved srch speed for the File Name refine field
Added the option to Srch as you type
Added the fture to automatically select the entire text when the srch bar or refinement is selected
Added the fture to show the refine field history when selected
Added a gray border on the interface to incrse the contrast on white background
Improved interface to standardize the hder in the Preview Pane
Improved the integration with external links inside the appliion; the default browser is now used
Added credentials for connections requiring proxy
Improved Feedback window to allow users to contact different Copernic departments (Help > Give us Feedback...)
Added to ignore events not originating from the board

Fixes ;

Fixed configuration issue for archives files indexation
Fixed licensing issue when installing a software update
Fixed index directory display issue in the options pane
Fixed date sorting issue
Fixed display issue for icons with extensions longer than 5 characters
Fixed issue when the index is no longer available
Fixed issue when starting the appliion when the index file is locked by another software
Fixed error message inside the Lite version when is invalid
Fixed an issue when moving the index
Fixed an issue with opening and printing sub-documents for Outlook documents
Fixed issue when starting the appliion when some folders are invalid
Fixed an issue when calling the COM function
Fixed issues when starting the appliion
Fixed user interface issue when the interface is expended
Fixed user interface issue in the Preview Pane hder
Fixed user interface issue when the task bar is configured to auto-hide
Fixed losing configuration issue when updating from previous version
Fixed saving issue when using a different calendar then the Gregorian one
Fixed user interface issue when an is contained inside a resource
Fixed issue with links to Copernic's website in the appliion
Fixed user interface issue in Standard View when the user was adding or removing another column
Fixed issue with the preview and copy of RSS feeds
Fixed issue with temporary files used for previews (Rd Only)
Fixed display issue with the indexing status
Fixed updating issue with non-administrator account
Fixed several minor issues

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